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Metal Mike Logo T-Shirt


This is a brand new Metal Mike MM Logo T-shirt. This shirt is finely made and features a light, comfortable fit. Limited run on this shirt, so get yours before they are gone.

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Guitar Picks


Metal Mike 6 Pick Collection


Dare to want it all? New in our store is this complete Metal Mike 6 pick collection. These are the real deal picks exactly as used by Metal Mike on various tours across the world. 2 of the pics feature newly developed chrome print. While the chrome print is hard to photograph, it does look awesome in person. Great set and a rare opportunity to get all of these all in one complete collection.

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Metal Mike's Metal Heroes Academy Pick Collection


This is the full pick collection from Mike's Metal Heroes Academy. Various colors and pick thicknesses will help you choose the pick that is just right for you or to just simply complete your collection.

Metal Heroes Pick Pack

Authentic Metal Mike Tour Pic | Halford Black Logo

This is the same pic that Mike uses during his tours. It features Halford logo on one side and Mike's signature on the other. This is a Tortex H3 model pick made by Dunlop. Straight from Mike's road case to your hand! Note: You get only one pic. It is shown here so you can see both sides.

Halford Black Logo Pick

Authentic Metal Mike Tour Pic | Metal Mike Hologram Logo

This is a brand new Metal Mike logo hologram pick. It is hard to photograph to give you the full effect of the hologram logo, but this pick looks awesome in person. Dunlop logo on the back. Killer new pick for your collection. You get only one pick. Both sides are shown to show you exactly what you'll get.

Metal Mike Hologram Logo Pick

Authentic Metal Mike Tour Pick | Metal For Life Hologram

Check out this great pick. The hologram foil print looks awesome in person and lasts for a long time in case if you decide to use this pick for your own shredding riffs. This is the exact same pic that Mike uses live and in the studio. You get only one pick. Both sides are shown to show you exactly what you'll get. Metal For Life creed tells you exactly what kind of music this pic is made for.

Metal For Life Hologram Pick

Numbered 1 of 40 | Metal Mike Signed "Resurrection" Studio Pick

Ready for some metal history? For the recording of the Halford classic album "Resurrection" Mike had a number of different guitar picks made by Dunlop. The pics came in different sizes and thicknesses. This particular pick is bigger than the regular H3 Tortex ones that Mike uses live. We recently uncovered around 40 of these picks left over from the "Resurrection" recording sessions. Each pick is numbered 1 to 40 and signed by Mike on the backside. These picks will never be made available again and here's your chance to grab a very super limited pick with history behind it.

Currently we have about 10 of these picks left as over 30 were already sold. You will most likely be getting a pick numbered somewhere in the 30s out of the 40 that were offered for sale. Grab one today.

Metal Mike 1 of 40 Resurrection Pick

Metal Mike Music Releases and Downloads


Metal Mike - The Metalworker CD (Hand Signed)

Here's the long awaited solo album from Metal Mike. Incredible release with superb songs, machine precision technique and seriously shredding guitars. This album is a testament to unbending and true Heavy Metal that is played loud and proud. Featuring vocal siren Carlos Zema - Vocals (Immortal Guardian, Outworld), Mike LePond - Bass (Symphony X) and Kevin Talley - Drums (Daath, Six Feet Under). This is serious Metal. This Cd comes signed by Metal Mike.

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Metal Mike's PainmuseuM - Metal For Life CD (Hand Signed)


The amazing debut album from Metal Mike with Steve DiGiorgio (Death, Sadus, Testament), Bobby Jarzombek (Halford, Iced Earth, Fates Warning, Riot) and Tim Clayborne. Mixed by Roy Z. True no frills Metal featuring tracks "American Metalhead", "Speak The Name", "Bloody Wings" and many others. Considered by many to be the best Metal release of 2005. This CD comes signed by Metal Mike.

Metal For Life CD

Metal Mike's PainmuseuM - You Have The Right To Remain Violent CD (Hand Signed)


This collector's edition enhanced EP features new track "Scars In Black" plus a message from Metal Mike, screen savers, photo gallery and music video for "Speak The Name". Awesome package. Features same recording line-up as the classic Metal For Life album. 4 music tracks in total with 3 taken from the Metal For Life album. This CD comes signed by Metal Mike.

You Have The Right To Remain Violent EP

Metalworker & Metal For Life Combo (Hand Signed)

If you are looking to grab the definite combo of CDs from Metal Mike, then you will definitely want to own the now classic Metal For Life and the brand new The Metalworker album. This is heavy metal played with passion and purpose all engulfed by Mike's trademark guitar scream.

Metal For Life: Metal Mike - Guitar, Steve DiGiorgio - Bass (Death, Testament, Sadus), Bobby Jarzombek - Drums (Halford, Fates Warning, S. Bach, Riot), Tim Clayborne - Vocals (Hatred). Mixed by Roy Z. (Judas Priest, Bruce Dickinson, Halford)

The Metalworker: Metal Mike - Guitar, Mike LePond - Bass (Symphony X), Kevin Talley - Drums (Six Feet Under, Chimaira, Daath), Carlos Zema - Vocals (Outworld, Immortal Guardian)

These CDs come hand signed by Metal Mike.

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Metal Mike Early CD Trio Bundle Pack

We bundled what is left of the early pressings of Mike's first professional efforts. Although these records do not display high dollar studio productions, here is your chance to grab all of these CDs at a great price, and dive into unfiltered, unbending full on metal bliss of early Metal Mike.These albums will never be available in this form again, so get them while they are in stock. Limited quantities.

Each order comes with an Isolation Chamber Metal Mike guitar pick.

Isolation Chamber - Grind Textural Abstractions (1996)

Mike's first official release. Grind Textural Abstraction is a wicked heavy instrumental album that proved to be a great stepping stone in Mike's career. Not only it gathered Mike amazing press in mags such as Guitar Player and Guitar World, this was the album that The Metal God himself heard and then further invited Mike to try out for his then new band. Limited quantities. Recommended.

Mike Chlasciak - Territory: Guitar Kill! (1998)

Mike's second mostly instrumental solo release features an album full of incredible solos and aggressive compositions. A must for die-hard guitar fans everywhere.

Metal Mike Chlasciak - The Spilling (2001)

Not for the weak hearted, The Spilling delivers an instrumental guitar armageddon of a record featuring specially reworked & remixed tracks including super rare demo material from Mike's very early recordings. All CDs come hand signed by Metal Mike.

Early CD Trio Pack

Signed Metal Mike CD Collection

This is the complete collection from Mike's solo output. This super bundle will take you on a metal odyssey of the very early Grind Textural Abstraction CD all the way to the latest riff meltdown of The Metalworker. All CDs come nicely signed by Mike in a silver pen.

The early Cds are in limited supply and will never be reprinted in the original form, so grab them all at this incredible price.

If you want the CDs personalized, please give us the name on the Notes To Seller tab in your Pay Pal check-out cart.

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Metal Mike - This Is War EP (Digital Release Only)

Metal Mike - Hell No! Single (Digital Release Only)

Guitar Instructional Books

Guitar Instructional Books

Ridiculous Riffs For The Terrifying Guitarist Book

Written by Metal Mike, Ridiculous Riffs For The Terrifying Guitarist book delivers an awesome display of licks, scales, tricks, technique and theory behind each example. Written with ease of use in mind, this book will take you on a no frills ride into the world of scales, tapping, arpeggios and the ridiculous department - where only the bravestdare enter. This is Mike's very popular book that is highly recommended to all rock and metal guitarists.

Level: intermediate / advanced.

Destination / Personalization Options

Monster Coordination: Guitar Boot Camp Book

Written by Metal Mike, Mike's Guitar Boot Camp will do just that - whip you back into shape withthe best guitar exercises Mike has found and developed over the years. Mike easily shares what he knows in a no nonsence manual that should be in the arsenal of every guitarist. Levels: beginner to advanced.

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Metal Mike - 8 x 10 Jackson Photo (Hand Signed)

Metal Mike autographed 8 x 10 photo. Incredible vivid quality on this limited edition run.


This River Shall Burn Book (Digital Release Only)

This River Shall Burn is Metal Mike's entry into the dark world of poetry. Expect to find great abstract images and haunting rhyme. This book was found inspirational to a few poets of today and we think you also might find it quiete interesting. Check it out.

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